February 18


So sorry for not posting in the past two days, I was traveling and super ill… Sick twice this month, it has not been my season.

On to the bright side, Competition time with Lacoste Fragrances! I’m giving away two bottles of the brand new Lacoste Pour Femme fragrance to two lucky readers… I have yet to smell the fragrance, but I expect nothing less than great from Lacoste (Amy Adams is the face of the fragrance!)

How to enter?

-Let me know how you would describe the Lacoste Woman in the comment box below.

Good luck!

  • Shelley Jessup

    I am not too sure if you meant the perfume or the face of this Lactose but as you mentioned Amy Adams I have gone with the latter.

    I would describe the woman lactose is trying to portrait (Amy Adams) as a soft but in control calm confident woman who breezes through life with a smile & happy demeanour and is at peace with the world.

  • Nadia El Adrou

    Hope you’r better now, take care of yourself and have some rest

    • Tala Samman

      Thanks sweetheart x

  • Preveena

    I hope you are recovering well!

    I would describe Lacoste Woman as ‘Strong, Confident & elegant”

  • mel

    I would describe the lacoste woman as a natural.She is elegant as well as sporty at the same time.Amy Adams is such a right pick for this brand as she is a natural actress and she does not have to try too hard.Simpicity equals Amy Adams:)

  • martha

    A lacoste woman is a natural born beauty.She possesses an inner beauty like no other.She can be sporty but also can be a born romantic.

  • Mary Ann Sangga

    Lacoste Woman is a woman who is confident of herself, loves sports and has a very active lifestyle. She is capable of balancing multiple responsibilities at home and at work like being an employee, a wife, a mother, a sister or a friend.

  • Liesbeth (candyandtreats)

    Sports meet fashion, down to earth but with big dreams, feeling confident but never arrogant!


  • mark

    A lacoste woman strides confidently with her heels clicking,throws her hair back and looks you straight in the eye.She is bold and sporty.

  • http://Www, Kiana

    I hope you’re feeling better and enjoying sunny London! I’ll probably see you around Somerset House!

    To me a Lacoste woman is someone who is sporty and confident but definitely not afraid to bring their love of fashion into the world of sport. They stand out in their world of sport whether they are wearing a classic white outfit or bright pink! As they move around while playing sport they fill the atmosphere with their perfume and lightning the mood of the competition!


  • Ala’a

    I hope u get well soon Tala.. take care:)

  • Joanna-Gloria

    O would describe the Lacoste woman as highly dynamic, active and feminine at the same time.


    The Lacoste woman would be sportif, dynamic, with a great love for outdoors activities and yet without losing her femininity a bit πŸ™‚

  • Zah

    The Lacoste woman loves sports and nature, feminine always but with a natural beauty and a casual chic style

  • Morgan saba

    A lacoste woman is timeless and classic, yet not afraid to get her hands dirty!

  • Anjie

    Lacoste woman’s loving life x

  • Mini

    Self confident, intelligent, casual and outdoorsy during the day and sexy at night, but always fashionable!

  • Mouna

    Hope you get well soon. πŸ™ I just loaded my system with lots of vitamic c.

    How would i describe the lacoste woman? Shes a woman of passion and not afraid to take risks. Shes a go getter and always energetic. She doesnt let failure get in her way, she fails however she picks herself up and tries again until she succeeds πŸ™‚ i think i just described myself lol

  • Hannah

    Lacoste women are always chic, independant and classy! FROM alexa to amy. All of them exude an air of confidence and luxury.

  • A

    The Lacoste woman is confident in her self and her ambitions. She embodies a strong yet serene beauty- at ease with herself and nature around her. She is glamorous in a nonchalant way, never overwhelming and strikes the perfect balance between boldness and femininity.

  • Rain

    A lacoste women is fierce sporty and classy

  • tahira ali

    Get Well Soon !

    Lacoste Woman is Modern, Iconic & Simple

  • Jenni Kusuanco

    Get well sooon Ms. Tala πŸ™‚

    Lacoste Woman just simply reflects women’s feminity, elegance and inner and outer beauty πŸ™‚

  • leyla

    i would describe the lacoste woman as a simple woman, refined and natural, she inspiring women in all its splendor

  • Margaret Dunlop


  • Noorus Saba

    Lacoste Pour Femme Modern, fresh and sophistcated are only the words needed to describe lacoste…

  • Kiah Gupta

    Lacoste woman is just the super mom who takes care of the family , children , looks after her home and also balance her personal and work life so easily. This is not at all an easy task, mommies do wakes up early and sleep late nights performing all her duties and that too happily, is in my opinion all those super moms should be awarded as Lacoste woman , after all they too need some pampering and love….

  • Saina Ramyar

    In my opinion, Lacoste woman is sporty, casual but in a very classy and feminine way!
    BTW, hope you get well soon;):*

  • Manal Ramadan

    Hope you are recovering well dear Tala.

    Certainly she exudes femininity, pretty simplicity, and sporty character with a lavish touch which are ideologies of the Lacoste brand.

    P.S.: I’m totally attracted by the nude look of Lacoste Pour Femme sporty bottle.

  • Belle Castillo

    Hope all is well.
    I would describe Lacoste woman as simple yet classy.

  • Christina D

    I’d describe Lacoste Woman as being fierce, elegant and always youthful.

  • Bec

    The Lacoste women understands style is worked on and off every playing field.

  • Hebah

    Lacoste women “In charge yet In Style”

  • Rasha

    Sporty chic

  • Cathy Rodrigues

    Lacoste women is beautiful, feminine and in charge. Sporty and fierce yet elegant and classy.

  • Annette

    The Lacoste woman is like a breath of fresh air, lively and full of enthusiasm for life!

  • Dani

    The Lacoste woman is spirited, sporty and subtly sexy

  • Katrina Smith

    Beautiful and alluring, with just a hint of Je ne sais quoi.

  • Delia Pereira

    I would describe the Lacoste Woman as naturally elegant.,sporty,genuine, charming and who loves to be spontaneous….a trendsetter who is confident and unique in every way…A woman who knows what she wants and how to get it πŸ™‚

  • Maura

    The lacoste woman is elegant with a sparkling personality, who likes to make a playful statement. She likes to show her soft, subtle sensuality and is relaxed and charming. She has an all-embracing character and is beautiful inside and out.

  • Nishay

    Hope you get well soon = )

    I would describe the Lacoste Woman to be Elegant and Pure. A woman who has a playful yet composed demeanor and is filled with compassion for others. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life and takes time to breathe in the beauty she witnesses.

  • http://http// Mehwish Adil

    According to me Lacoste woman is Fragile , Feminine and Classy yet audacious enough to face the World ! Shes Bold and is ready to face every hurdle with aplomb !

  • http://http// Robina Tahir

    Lacoste Girl is a Shy and simple Girl with a Hope to Conquer the World !!! Shes is a Hih-Spirit Girl and wants to acheive her ambitions !

  • http://http// Benish Adil

    Lacoste woman has the ability to take over the World by her charming and graceful Persona !!! πŸ™‚

  • http://http// Adil Rashid

    Lacoste Woman is Like my wife Lovely and dynamic with sheer innocence and Shyness!

  • http://http// Hira Rashid

    Lacoste woman is Just Like a Normal woman who plays soo many role in a Society with sheer ease and elegance … Shes always ready to face the day to day challenges with a Smile on her face πŸ™‚

  • http://http// Iqra Rashid

    Lacoste woman is an Independent woman and is Bold yet classy and elegant !!!

  • fatima ghazi

    soft like silk

  • Nancy Alcantara

    Lacoste woman is a woman who exudes calm and maturity, with subdued but infectious joy. Beautiful inside & out…

  • AyeshaQ

    lacoste women pour femme is like beautiful smelling flower that turns the women mood on

  • Neveen Mohamed

    The Lacoste woman is spirited, sporty and feminine

  • hina adnan

    the lecoste women is like ur first love,deep,strong,passionate,and stays deep in your heart,by wearing it you feel so special and pampered as if your have conquered the world..its like a magical power that transforms an ordinary house wife into a princess <3

  • Saher

    I hope you feel better soon tala πŸ™‚

    The Lacoste woman will be outgoing yet graceful. She has strength and courage, she’s brave and bold yet she’s the most delicate and beautiful. With qualities of both she makes the perfect woman πŸ™‚

  • sonia

    Natural, Strong, Simple, Elegant, Confident and Sexy

  • olesya

    she should be loving and loved

  • Sally Gray

    Pure strong elegant & sporty-like but very feminine. Love it!!

  • Fatima Saifuddin

    Modern, fresh and sophisticated are the words that best describe the Lacoste woman πŸ™‚

  • Brandy

    You know that friend of yoursβ€”the woman whose house is clean, and yet always totally welcoming? Organized and peaceful, with sunshine streaming in over a pot of peppermint tea and a pile of folded laundry freshly pulled from the line outside. The woman who will always stop what she’s doing to listen to a problem; who has a pile of greeting cards ready for every occasion, and always has the right words to personalize them. The friend who looks good with no makeup and blue jeans, yet always makes you feel secure and appreciated. The woman who exudes calm and maturity, with subdued but infectious joy.

    She’s wearing Lacoste pour femme.

  • S.JAY

    a lacoste woman doesnt need a paragraph to describe her. she is “A beauty of modern femininity and effortless style.” as simple as that πŸ™‚

  • nu nu

    a woman with elegance, spontaneity and effortless style resonate with the confident, natural simplicity that characterizes the LACOSTE brand.

  • miss A

    a woman who has innate elegance and sensual style is a lacoste woman for me <3

  • pearl

    for me a lacoste woman is best described a s a woman who is a blend of modern beauty, femininity and effortless style. full of grace and elegance with a hint of spontaneity

  • NK1

    a girl next door <3 soft gentle loving caring , yet confident and an inspiration for others <3

  • manu

    a woman of substance. emotion and femininity.who is strong enough to face the world, yet soft enough to be gentle too

  • nidzz

    a soft , gentle lady, with a heart filled with love and care for others,the one who is always willing to be there for others.loves everyone and is loved by everyone too. a woman who calms u down just by looking at her. a reflection of spring.

  • nouney

    strong confident lady, with an aim to rule the world! looking like a rose. wrapped up in petals to expose to the world her real beautifuul self when the time comes.

  • YSL

    a perfect combination of fierceness and love. a woman wof quality, who is.fierce enough to be herself in an image dominated world. yet when she walks by makes all the head turn. reminds everyone of a fresh summer breeze

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