Trendy Tech: Casio camera je10

January 1

Hands down, this has got to be chic-est camera I have ever come across. I recently introduced this Casio camera Je10 to my tech collection. The first thing that screamed out to me once I first saw the camera was the cam jacket it has  that you can put around your neck or on your shoulder – the best part is the fact that you can take pictures with the camera in it’s case… genius. In terms of the features, I have been a Canon fan ever since I started using cameras so I am biased to Canon cameras. On another note, this Casio camera is  16.1 Megapixels and has a 5x Optical zoom. It includes an anti-shake mode, face detection and HD Movie. I also love the fact that the camera is super small, and super light. Great to carry around everywhere without it being a hassle. Perfect accessory too…

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  • rania

    you kept on writing Canon….its Casio :p

    • Tala Samman

      yep, I’ve pretty much used Canons for most of my life but this Casio one is great.

  • Annette

    taking pictures is my hobby and passion…. so would be great

  • Alyson Chapman

    Absolutely adorable! So original in it’s look – very ‘fashion forward’. Love ‘MyFashDiary’ – thank you.

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