Myfashdiary experiences... Brazilian Keratin at Hairworks, Dubai.

January 10
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Let me start off by saying, Thank god for Keratin. But, that doesn’t mean Keratin can be done anywhere, nor is it great everywhere. I’m a person that likes to try out different salons but when I’m sold, I’m sold. I recently headed over to Hairworks in Spinneys Umm Suqueim as it is pretty much next door to where I live. One major tip – Book in advance! Booking was slightly difficult, as they are always super booked.

Upon arriving, The Hairworks ladies were super sweet and helpful – they explained more about the Keratin that I was doing.  (Slightly wished the Chairs could have been comfier… or I might just be picky) On to the actual Keratin, The treatment that was used was called QOD Brazilian Keratin. My hair was washed once I arrived, followed by a light blowdry before applying the treatment on the hair. My hair was then covered with a plastic film over the solution in order for it to get dried within the hair, my hair was then straightened with the Keratin in my hair. I was asked to lay off washing my hair till the next morning in order for the Brazilian Keratin to absorb within the hair.

Once I took a shower the next day, in less than 24 hours – I instantly felt my hair was much softer, and not as prone to frizz. Really happy with the outcome, I’ll definitely come back and do this again in a few months. If you’re looking for great Keratin in Dubai, this is  definitely highly recommended!

For more details on Hairworks salon, click here

  • Mais

    Tala, I think your hair is so beautiful “mashallah” it doesn’t need any Keratin treatment…

    I’m worried about it cause my mom (who is a chemist) told me kertain treatments contain Formaldehyde which is toxic.
    This chemical can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract…and It’s unlikely these treatments could live up to their claims without formaldehyde; many companies say their product eradicates frizz with only keratin, amino acids, or “proprietary conditioners.” But none of these ingredients alone can keep hair frizz-free through multiple shampoos. That’s why formulas also include ingredients (like methylene glycol or formalin) that become formaldehyde gas when heated or dried.

    so please ladies take care and if you want to use it do some research before deciding

  • Gwen

    Been to Hairworks in Umm Suqueim and I loved the experience.I can’t be happier as I found out there’s Hairworks in Abu Dhabi where I live. The Keratin Treatment that they use there doesn’t contain formal-dehyde, the first question I threw at them, gotta be sure. ;)) I see Angela who is one of their Art Directors from the UK and I just so love how she makes me look fab everytime.

  • Fashion Follows Her

    Finding a good salon is so tricky, I’m rather selective about who I let loose on my hair!! Unfortunately the last three hairdressers have all left to have a baby and never returned!! Gutted.

  • MEmneina

    I’ve done something similar to this – not sure if you heard of the Brazilian Blowout? It was the BEST thing on earth. Funny enough though, it only works properly when I’m in California. The UAE water is SO harsh and it washes out within a month when it is supposed to last 3!

    My friend does the keratin, and it works wonders on her. Everyone is concerned about it containing formaldahyde – even though they say it doesn’t contain any. People are back and forth on it. Scary thing is, it also causes cancer… :-s Hopefully these companies are not lying to us!

  • prakarti

    hey i have tried QOD, it didnt work for me at all.

    the new amazon keratin is one of the best i have used. lasts longer and less harmful.

    hope it comes out well for you.

  • david

    hello,try our crystal keratin,thanks

  • caren

    thats a great article.. My cousin got her Keratin done for like AED 500 something for shoulder length hair from BeautyTalkz Salon in Al Nahda2 behind Zulekha Hospital and it just looks amazing and now most of our frenz are also running behind. They use QOD and not pricy 🙂 n btw u luk pretty Mashaallah

  • Keratin Treatment Dubai

    wow thanks so much for the tip! amazing!

  • best keratin treatment dubai

    I was asked to lay off washing my hair till the next morning in order for the Brazilian Keratin to absorb within the hair.

  • sara kilani

    Hi Tala,

    I’d like to add you to my list of bloggers. Would it be possible to send me your email address ? I work for a PR agency, Weber Shandwick, and I’d like to invite you to an event later this months.

    Many thanks,

  • keratin hair treatment dubai

    The Keratin Treatment that they use there doesn’t contain formal-dehyde, the first question I threw at them, gotta be sure.

  • inas

    Hi Ladies,
    Did anyone try the Myriam K Anti age hair treatment?

  • inas

    Hi Ladies,
    Did anyone try thr Myriam K Anti age hair treatment?

  • Ahlam

    Did anybody try the copola brand for keratin?

    they say its formaldehyde free