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September 8
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KAGE jacket. Ysl Heels. Celine Tote

Location: New York, USA

  • Florine Marioli

    Amazing look xx

  • hadeel

    graet outfit love every piece on you!

  • Pinky

    lovely x

  • Rita

    Hi are you from Dubai?
    Because I love fashion.. I’m thinking of studying medicine over there
    but the only problem is that I don’t want to compromise on fashion 🙁
    I like beautiful skirts which are knee-length, and maybe tops which show off my arms….
    Is this acceptable or not in Dubai?
    I don’t want to have to wear a headscarf and long skirts and long tops all the time…

  • Jenn T

    Love the style and your Celine bag!

  • Zina

    the heels and jacket go sooooo well together! love this 🙂

  • s

    the jacket is a perfect fit on you !!!

  • Socialite14

    love the jacket!

  • Esha A

    Love this peplum jacket!

  • Ghizlane

    you inspire me beacause your look is very class !


  • sarah nader

    hi tala:) plz what is the size of ur bag?? thanks 🙂