Myfashdiary's Macaron experience... with Gastro School!

June 26
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I recently took a Macaron class with Gastro School, which was super exciting! I wasn’t a fan of Macarons till I had the best ones at Alain Ducasse @ The Dorchestor, and now I always seem to have a Macaron craving… I’ve been trying a ton of different Macarons (one of my faves are at Aubaine restaurants, where I found out that they are one of the few in London that handmake their own Macs) so I was looking forward to a course where I was going to also handmake them!

The course took place at Hammersmith & Ealing West College and was headed by Pastry Chef (she’s been one for 15 years!) Mary Jo. After we got our pastry chef roles sorted with our aprons & recipes, we were introduced to the ingredients once we were told we would be making Lemon, Pistachio, and Chocolate Macarons! We learnt everything from making the Meringue to the flavors all the way to the fillings (lemon curd, almond paste and chocolate ganache). Piping was definitely a difficult task – but thankfully Mary Jo did mention it takes years to master it!

After making them, we proudly tasted our creations, and were also given a lovely Gastro school box with ready made macarons to take home with our recipes. I felt like a proud Macaron chef…

What I loved about the course was the atmosphere, and how you are taught then allowed to independently work as well as the fact that the course was 90 mins – a great way to spend your morning weekend before going out for brunch with the friends!

Gastro School have a bunch of other cool courses included Chocolate Truffle making, and Pasta courses to name a few!

  • hadeel

    so how was ur Macraons 😉

  • Zina

    love how it shows you where to pipe them

    • Tala Samman

      we needed that as beginners 😉

  • Fashion Follows Her

    Wow they look delicous!! I love baking, its so relaxing.

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  • Tamara

    You look so cute, miss that proud of you and your macaron making. love you xx

  • Ayala Sudbricht

    WOW, the best thing where those guidelines for where to place them , plus really nice hobby you got there.

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