Myfashdiary Style Tip... for garden parties!

August 8
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Have you ever attended a garden party or polo, and ended up regretting wearing heels? I know I have… I attended the Guards Polo game & returned home with ruined heels. I have a solution!

I was recently introduced to Starlettos, that have just landed to the UK this spring. They are star shaped, flexible and lightweight & are available in clear, crystal or color. Perfect to pop into your bag if you’re off to a wedding, the races, polo or a garden party. Only £5.99 and are available at Debenhams. For more, click HERE

  • Yasmin

    wow, those are great!! I’ve never heard about them before ,, thanks! 🙂

  • Salah Kaddumi

    Thank you

  • hind

    love it wallah
    thanks to share

  • MEmneina

    Wait…so these keep your heel from digging into the dirt? These are adorable!!

    • Tala Samman

      yes! & your heels don’t get ruined 🙂

  • polliani

    great blog and great tip