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August 19
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Flared jeans by Twenty8Twelve. Blazer by Zara. Clutch by Angel Jackson. vest by Theory

Location: Ramadan – Dubai, UAE

  • Natella



    Passion for art and fashion

  • MEmneina

    Every time I see you in these jeans I always think that they fit you SO well. I have trouble finding jeans that fit my very petite body….but you seem to be really petite as well! Maybe these are a brand of jeans I need to be checking out.
    I generally only fit into Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle jeans.

  • zara

    I love this look! Tala- just one request, ever since you revamped your blog, the “Subscribe” button has gone missing and as such I dont receive any of your post updates in my email. Can you please get that button back? 🙂 xx Zara

    • Tala Samman

      I will work on it 🙂 x

  • abeer

    love those jeans! this outfit is so nina garcia-esque! love it!