Myfashdiary reviews... The Oxygen Facial @ Biolite, Dubai.

June 19
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Over the past year, the big beauty craze would have to be the Oxygen Facial. I was constantly reading about it and every Hollywood star seemed to swear by it. I’m not a regular with facials – I would pick a massage over a facial anyday anytime. However, I was intrigued to try out the most talked about treatment of the year! Recently when I was in Dubai, I tried out the Oxygen Facial at Biolite – I heard some great things about the clinic and was not disappointed upon arriving… I was also very impressed with the variety of treatments they have available. Back to the actual Oxygen facial… The treatment promised to be a high quality procedure and would stimulate skin cells for a firmer, more youthful look. What I loved most about the treatment was the fact that no chemicals were used – vitamins were penetrated and exfoliated the skin without leaving you with a breakout the next day (you can wear make up as soon as you’re done – a plus!).
Result? My skin felt amazing for days – it felt squeeky clean & gave my skin that glow after the deep cleanse that removed the daily exposed pollution and dust from the skin.

I definitely recommend this treatment for anyone – whether you would like a relaxing facial treatment, need to look your best for an event, or just feel like your skin deserves a deep clean. However, I do recommend you meet with a consultant at first who might recommend a certain treatment for your skin (they have some great ones, and I can’t wait to try out a few others!)

For more, check out their website – for their full address in Dubai Healthcare city
Telephone number: +971 (4) 375 2122

  • Anna Chambers

    The oxygen penetrates deeply into the skin delivering its powerful regenerative benefits.Not using the above technique but just spraying the oxygen on top of the face might feel nice but it has little benefits.

  • Moza

    How much for one sesion