Myfashdiary's LULA magazine competition!

August 31

The winner, will win a yearly subscription to LULA magazine straight to your door & will be selected on October 31st (Halloween!) Looking forward to reading your answers – Good luck! P.s. If your not familiar with Lula, check it out here!

  • Mother of one

    I love LOVE magazine. It makes me giggle how it mixes high fashion and random celebs. This month it featured delectable in the form of Isabel Marant and then car crash in the form of an interview with Kerry Katona. Sublime and baffling!

  • Burqa Barbie

    Vanity Fair! Not only are their covers always stunning, but their magazine consists of politics as well as pop culture and fashion so you don't feel completely shallow. Plus they look amazing on coffee tables, i've noticed i always reach out to VF over any other magazine 🙂

  • Stargazer

    I have had a subscription to Glamour since I was a little girl. Fashion is definitely my passion. Now that I am older, I really admire the fact that Glamour chooses to use curvy, regular women for some of their features. Being a curvy girl myself, I feel a lot less ashamed of my body and am learning to love it. Zero Is Not A Size … at least not for me.


    Nylon Magazine is one of my favourite magazines. It is stands out from all the other glossy magazines as it is totally original.

    Nylon mixes fashion and music and always has great article features.

    The magazine cover is never boring, always edgy and on trend with cover girls such as MK Olsen, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Zooey Deschanel, they give everyone a little envy!

    And to top it all off 'NY-and-LON' features two of the best cities in it's title New York & London!

  • Kristina Golightly

    Lula is undoubtedly my favourite publication; I cherish each special issue as I cherish my Sunday best dress.
    In addition to the lay out of fantastic editorials, features and lack of advertising (which is incredibly refreshing for fashion mag), Lula does not bombard their intelligent audience with a shameless agenda to promote product. Instead it takes the artistic approach to use this material in ethereal images throughout the shoots.
    I also applaud Lula for celebrating a more feminine side of fashion, celebrating the girl for all her wonderful individualism and traits. It is all too common that magazines concentrate on women’s flaws, in truly appalling articles (how to loss the holiday weight), or offers advice on how to secure happiness (10 steps to get your man).
    Lula allows you to embrace your imagination and escape into an area possibly bygone (childhood), to dress-up and loss yourself in you creative imagination. For girls everywhere, my mother, grandmother and little sister can all take something inspired from each issue.
    Unfortunately in current society it is rare for a magazine not plug the “new on-trend” band or movie etc. or have an ‘‘A-list celebrity’’. Lula is not another trashy glossy and instead it reverts back to the true aspirational figures; circus performers, set-designers, former child stars, fashion industry insiders.
    Lula is first and foremost a fashion magazine, at its best. To describe this publication plainly: It is pure unadulterated fun to cherish.

  • viv

    I enjoy the Gentlewoman magazine – even if it's such a young publication. It's just what I've been longing for in magazines – it's simple, professional, beautiful and does not underestimate the intelligence of readers. Gentlewoman and Lula are my faves 🙂

  • mesmerizing.starlight

    I know I should answer it that Lula is my favorite..but even I am so desperate to have and read a Lula I would be honest that I never touched a is not available in m country *sad* and Lula mag has been hunting me day and night since I knew her..anyway back to the topic..It's BluPrint here in my country. I've been reading it, and has been my source of inspirations, since my college days..up to now that i am working I still check on BluPrint. It may be a local magazine but it showcases excellent and competitive works from our architects. This magazine is one of the reason why I adore Philippine Architecture..we may be westernized nowadays but these architects-featured still respects the culture of Philippine architecture. I would say it is one of the best fashion magazine for architecture.

  • mesmerizing.starlight

    I know I should answer it is Lula..but sincce Lula is not available in my country *sad* and cannot pay for one I would be honest that i still haven't read nor touched a Lula..which Lila happens to haunt me every day and night since I knew her..anyway back to the topic..It is BluPrint here in my country. Ive been reading it since college. It has been my source of inspiration up to now that I am working. This magazine made me realize how big the Philippine architecture is..the architects featured showed the culture of our architecture which made it so remarkable to me because all I can see here is purely westernized..these architects teaches us young designers to respect and innovate architecture without leaving the mark of Philippine architecture. I must say BluPrint is one of the best fashion magazine of architecture.

  • lumayer

    Catalogue Magazine (!/pages/Catalogue-Fashion-Book/117506244959300?ref=ts ) is a local Argentinean magazine with excellent editorials. Not only do they combine originality and cutting-edge design, but they also include carefully set-up artsy scenarios. Whenever I am short on ideas I just browse through it's pages and inspiration will hit for sure! Plus, it has page after page of photos of the most unique items of the season, with prices, and the address of each place where to find them… an excellent option for shopping and appreciating art and design!!!

  • Trisha

    I LOVE Lula; the design is beautiful, but haven't gotten my hands on it often enough to know for sure that it's my favorite (hey, that's why I'm entering here!).

    The mag at the top of my list changes frequently, from One Story to the New Yorker to Wired…but right now it's the Atlantic. Their October profile on Joe Biden was on the level of any published in the New Yorker and the humorous advice column at the end always makes me laugh.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Reems

    I absolutely completely and utterly adore Lula. From the first issue which landed in my lap at Mulberry featuring the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story on the cover I have been smitten and there are very few lengths I will not go to to get an issue!! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Rebecca

    Lula is one of the most beautiful and interesting magazines I have been able to get my hands on. Although the magazine is very difficult to get my hands on this magazine has been so inspirational for design color and just pure joy.

  • Rachael

    Lula is a beautiful magazine. From it's stunning imagery and styled fonts to it's wonderful fashion stories. Lula is something to look forward to, and nothing tops the opening of a fresh, new edition with it's glorious smell of ink and paper. I enjoy the simplicity of the design and layout and the lovely little details that make the magazine what it is. I have used it time and time again for inspiration, ideas and something just to look at that is so fresh, feminine and beautiful!

  • Jill

    Like most people, I have an ongoing list of magazines I cherish, but whenever the months of April and September roll around, I find myself scrambling to the newsstands and Internet to find my latest copy of Lula.
    I really appreciate the quality of Lula Magazine, from its unabashedly feminine editorials, casual and inviting interviews, to the feel of its smooth, thick paper between my fingertips at the turn of every page. Lula makes you feel like a fairytale, and it inspires the little girl inside all of us.

  • Ree Ree Rockette

    I actually find it hard to say which magazine I love (I had never heard of Lula until this moment so look forward to checking it out).

    I find most magazines too full of advertising, and most do not address my interests. Many articles are patronising, and portray women in a way I am uncomfortable with.

    If I had to choose one, I would consider perhaps Red or Psychologies. I find that they are written with a more flattering opinion of their readership. I also appreciate Scarlet as it at least confronts many stereotypes of women and their sexuality. I also like MilkCow as it is aimed at an 'alternative' readership.

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