7 days in the style of... Alisha Maqsood

June 28
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Day One: Shirt – Zara, Shorts- Zara, Shoes-Zara
Day two: Tank- Zara, Studded Vest- New Look, Denim Shorts- H & M, Slippers-Zara
Day three: Sunglasses- Ray bans, Tank – H&M, Vest-Zara, Shorts-Zara, Shoes-Zara

Day four: Dress – New Look, Shoes- Monsoon
Day Five: Hat- Disney Store, Shirt-New look, Tank- H&M, Shorts – New look, Shoes- Monsoon

Day six: tank- H&M, Necklace- H&M, Skirt- Zara, Shoes – New Look
Day Seven: Tank- H&M, Leggings- H&M , Slippers- H&M

  • Front Row Mode


    i literally thought that day 4 dress was Givenchy.

    Great job tala your really good at styling


  • Tala Samman

    Its actually Alisha's style! 🙂 those '7 days in the style of…' are purely the person's personal style

    She's 6 – adorable!

  • D e g a i n e

    OMG she is the cutest thing ever and her style is worthy of a blog of its own 🙂 beautiful

    D E G A I N E

  • Sally

    She's ADORABLE.

  • Mrs F

    awwww too cute! I had to repost this on our blog, hope you don't mind! Ofcourse I linked back to you 🙂