May 18

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Very excited to post on this! Just some brief history on the brand – Two birds was actually set up when designer, Ariane couldn’t find dresses for her bridesmaids, so she decided to design her own and the rest is history. Two birds is now the perfect solution to those endless bridesmaid dress hunts (genius)… Having tried on the dresses myself, I can confirm the material is light, so soft, comfortable, flattering, available in pretty much any color you’d probably want – and wait that’s not all, oh yeah… it can also be worn in FOURTEEN ways.
I recently had the opportunity to meet up with the Two Birds London team & try on a few dresses in all 14 dress styles. If your like me, and never seem to travel light – this is also the perfect Summer piece! – you could go out in the day wearing the caftan style, then change it around, and pull out the cap sleeves for a conservative evening with family & eventually, move on to the Grecian style for a formal night out.

and just incase the yellow was too light for you…

P.s. For the readers who sent in questions regarding prom dresses, I suggest you also check this dress out! & For the Dubaiians, Two Birds ship internationally!

To read more about Two Birds or information on how to order a dress, click here.
Pictures taken by the very sweet Alexia from Two birds

  • iñaki

    Absolutely amazing post! 😀


  • Tala Samman

    Thanks! Xx

  • Front Row Mode

    I look at the first picture then i think the 2nd dress from the left side is the most simple and chic and then i scroll down and see you wearing my favorite piece out of all lol




  • Kiran Chhabria

    Great post Tala!

  • Camille A. Lindsay

    lovin' the yellow x

  • Sasha

    LOVE this! Very cool post

  • Hamda Issa-Salwe

    I saw this dress in a Hampstead boutique but unfortunately I didn't buy it after forking out cash for a similar dress last summer. It was supposed to serve about 100 purposes but when I took it home I couldn't do anything with it. Seeing that the dress does actually work I think I might go for it.

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    Greattttttttt post you look fab 🙂